We are thrilled to introduce our new business and enterprise support initiative. Focus on what's important to you, and we can help you with the rest, offering you a wide range of business and event support.
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Celebrating 25 Years of Enterprise South West Shropshire
Your local business and community support centre
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Welcome to the Enterprise House Website

We are a social enterprise, located in Bishops Castle and we specialize in business and community services. Enterprise House supports the South West of Shropshire and the neighbouring towns and villages just over the Welsh border and we are proud to be celebrating our 25th year of operation.

As a social enterprise, we have no shareholders. ALL of our profits are reinvested into the services we offer. The company has a Board of Directors (all unpaid), who work together to improve local services and aid businesses and the community. 

If you would like more information on how we can help, please see below or call us on  01588 638038

What we do?

Business & IT Support

Wide range of tailored business & IT support services.

Printing & Publishing

All your design and printing needs.

workspace Rental

Meeting Room, desk hire, office & workshop space

SpArC Theatre

Check out the latest events and showings below.


Visit Bishops Castle Community Library

Village Outreach

Equipment hire for your local event or festival.

Our Latest projects

We’re always working on a number of projects and here are our latest offerings. These are updated regularly and if you would like further information, please get in touch. 

The Enterprise Initiative

Local Business & Enterprise Support, including a range of services including Administration, Marketing, PR and Web Design.

Flexible Working Space

Meeting Rooms, video conferencing and individual desks for hire. Office space and workshops also available.

Bishops Castle & Beyond

More information coming soon 



Check out our Equipment Hire Services